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the official campus paper of The Manila Times College of Subic

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Meet the journalists of tomorrow!

Here are the brave, dedicated campus journalists who report important stories and produce content that shines a light on our community, and break stories through diligent investigation and good reporting.

Ms. Dyann Daniel

Campus Paper Adviser

Janna Samson


Kurt Surban


Kaesha Fonseca
Johanna Olaes
Jefflyn Dela Rea
Nigel Gozo

Campus News Writers

Shaun Evans
Eleassa Gattoc
Justin Reyes
Nathaniel Pineda
Kyla Juico

General News Writers

Maynil Lozada
Diana Leo
Samantha Banas

Feature Writers

Ridha Zakeer
Jack Eriksson
Shari McDermit
Cody Desmond

Sports Writers

Althea Abella
Dane Lim
Renalyn Landicho
Jarod Torres


Vermeil Caspillan
Ozenah Bautista
Benjamin Payuran
Ella Jaurigue

Literary Writers

The Royal Stallions Magazine

the choice for entertainment of internationally-minded youth

The official student magazine of TMTCS aims to produce engaging articles all whilst maintaining a fresh level of design throughout, dedicated to all students who want to be armed with knowledge, happiness, and plenty of inspiration. Every season we deliver educational yet entertaining articles, spanning the worlds of academe, lifestyle, and culture. Our intention was to create this internal community within the students of TMTCS, and provide them with this rather informal publication where they can explore plenty of inspirational pages, uplifting stories, beautiful illustration and photography, exclusive interviews, and much more.

Ms. Dyann Daniel

Magazine Consultant

Amani Azmy
Justine Manuel
Ysabel Flores
Rachelle Chua
Haven Rodriguez
Lorenzo Vergara
Kate Garcia


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About us

The official campus paper of The Manila Times College of Subic aims to promote the intellectual, creative, and linguistic ability of the students as well as inculcate values and ethics. It provides an opportunity for the young aspiring writers to discover and sharpen their freedom of expression.